License Plate Lookup

So, you have a license plate number and want to find out who it belongs to? In the movies, it is always a piece of cake to get this kind of information – it’s always a phone call or 5 second web search away.

In reality, I’m sure you will agree that it is not this easy. Firstly, web sites like Google don’t have a license plate lookup facility.

Secondly, there is no free website with all of these details made available on the web for you to search through.

With this in mind, it can seem like your options are rather limited.

You can resort to the solutions that were widely used in the past. These include the use of private eyes, or detectives. However, this is a rather expensive way to gather information, and you can find yourself spending hundreds of dollars on what amounts to a few minutes of work.

If you require additional work, such as incriminating photographs or uncovering illegal conduct the private detective is a good option. But for most people, it is simply a case of overkill.

Luckily, there are web sites that you can use that allow you to access a database of personal details filed against license plate numbers. These are 100% legal, and are gathered from public records.

These websites are not free, but they can be very reasonable. For instance, there are sites where you can make as many searches as you want for the rest of your life in exchange for a small registration fee.

Because the information in these license plate lookup sites are updated daily from public records, they are always up to date and likely to provide you with the correct contact information and personal details for the owner of a car.