License Plate Names

Vehicle registration  plates  are known by different names, such as license  plate , number  plate ,  plate , or tag. It is a metal or plastic  plate  attached to the motor vehicle for official ID. Its record is as old as the record of vehicles. Massachusetts was the first state to issue government  plates .

In most countries license  plates  are issued by the national government. In the U.S, however, they are issued by state governments. But the federal government retains the right to allot numbers to its own motor vehicles and vehicles possessed by foreign envoys.

A person who wishes a special license  plate  has to apply to the state department of motor vehicles. At this stage the applicant has to specify whether the special license  plate  being requested is intended to generate financial support for a particular cause or charitable group.

For an extra fee, motor vehicle departments issue “vanity” license  plates . These  plates  carry some message on them. Some  plates  in Washington, D.C. read “taxation without representation” to vent dissatisfaction over Washington’s not having voting representation in Congress.

Similar to vanity  plates , there are also novelty license  plates . These are often sold in gift or novelty shops. These novelties are printed with individual names. But unlike vanity  plates , these are not intended for lawful recognition of automobiles.

Specific designs and dyes for the special license  plates  can be suggested by the user. Personalized license  plates , custom license  plates , and vanity license  plates  read almost anything the user wishes. It is a great way to advertise businesses, promote the user’s favorite hobby, or just be displayed for fun.