License Plate Purse – Fashion Bags For Everyone

I own a junk yard and a mechanic shop, and it has at all times been to my advantage to find as many uses for used car parts as possible. Even though both are profitable businesses, there is substantial overhead, so the smaller amount of stuff I have actually store or throw away, the better that it is for me and my business. Of late, I have discovered a novel idea. Not that I thought of it, actually came from my crafty niece.

She always had the talent to make quite a cottage industry out of bags from torn blue jeans, or interesting bracelets out of scraps of things she finds around – that kind of stuff. So it was hardly that surprising when she created a license plate purse out of a custom license plate from some old Corvette. It wasn’t until then I had realized what a great idea license plate purses would make.

So that’s how it all started, I went into business with my niece. Each morning, the two of us would meet up and make a license plate purse or two. Recently she has also figured out how to make other kinds of license plate hand bags, some of them made out of several plates carefully folded over together to create a seamless whole.

Though I am aware that I won’t make much of any money doing this – right now we put them up for sale for about thirty bucks per license plate purse, and that too we make only a couple a day – but for her the money from the sales are great, and sure she gets to keep what she makes. For me, it’s just a good excuse for us to spend time together. If I get to make a neat looking license plate purse or two while doing it, so much the better. Her license plate purses are a hit among her friends. In fact it seems like every other license plate purse that she makes is actually a present for a friend.

Ever since we started to work on the whole license plate purse thing, she has taken an interest into what I do, too. At first, she was not so in to cars, but she has always liked working with her hands, so I assumed that she would be a natural. Sure turns out that I was right. The fact is she is every bit as good with a muffler as with a license plate purse. Shortly I’ll start to show her the inside of an engine, and then we will be down to business. Undoubtedly this license plate purse thing has been the source of great things in my life.