License Plate Search Options

In this article, I am going to show you what your options are, and take a look at the different ways you can find the info you need.

One method you can use is to hire a private detective. This way, you will know you are dealing with an expert, with years of experience. You can find the number of a good detective in your phone book.

However, this expertise and experience level does not come cheap. You can find yourself spending several hundred dollars for this kind of information, as well as having to wait for up to a week.

There are private detective sites, such as, which specialize in performing simple searches like this. They are far more affordable, costing less than $ 100 for most searches. They will provide you with a wide range of pertinent data relating to the vehicle, such as the make of car, lien holder, and more.

The third option, which I personally prefer, is to take advantage of the "self service" private investigation sites which allow you to gather the information you want yourself. These sites are very easy to use, and cost a small fraction of the cost of the other options. For a small membership fee of between $ 30 and $ 60 you can make as many searches as you need – all the other options require you to pay every time you make a search.

For most people, the third option is the best choice, as the price is much lower and you will be in control and not left waiting for someone else.