Life Begins After Retirement

"I wake up early in the morning to realize that, its not the usual day. I am retired. I do not know how to spend the day. I pass some time with the newspaper and the rest watching TV. Till then my grandkids come back from school. I plan to go out with the family, but everyone is tired and they have their own set of works to do. back on my bed to welcome another day of loneliness, loss, frustration, and grief. "

This is the life after retirement, as Richard Armour Quotes,

"Retired is being tired, I have thought
First tired of working,
Then tired of not. "

Studies show that high percentage of people die during their first year of retirement. One of the reasons being, psychological trauma. A sense of feeling that you're a worn out individual and should be placed in the corner of the house sitting idle most of the time.

This period of life can be made fun and worth living to explore the unexplored.

There may be times in your life when you wanted to learn to play golf or wanted to write a book on your experience and learning, or wanted to learn salsa. But your desires where never fulfilled, because you were too busy at work or family. This is the right time to explore your hidden talents and fulfill your deepest desires.

Here are few ways to stay active and make money after retirement. Work is the important way of coping with the nagging worries.

Physical activity:
The best way to be healthy, independent and employed is by doing some minor physical exercise such as walking and yoga. Get started with activities that will make you feel warm and breath deeply. It may not be some heavy stuff, but small things like walking whenever and wherever you can, taking the stairs instead of an elevator etc. You could also enroll in the neighborhood yoga or laughter club. Being healthy will also help you be independent.

Meet friends:
Meet your old friends outside. There may be times when you missed out the most important events with your friend. Plan a picnic, as even he may be feeling lonely. Go out to play golf or any game you like.

Gardening is the best way to keep you occupied. This is also a great stress buster. Grow some flowers or vegetables in your garden. If you do not have a garden you can grow plants in a pot. You can even get the youngger ones involved in this work. Decorate your house with these plants and flowers. Look how proud and contented you will feel.

Help grandkids:
If your grandkids are busy with homework and you have some time on your hands, why not help them with their work? Apart from homework, you can play with them, tell them stories, take them to the park etc. So you will gain a good listener and even build a healthy relationship.

Go on a holiday:
Go on a cruise with your partner. Visit a distant land, which you have always wanted to see. And remember there is no age bar for a second honeymoon. This is the age when you are alone most of the time with your partner, so make the best use of it. Discover those faces about each other left untouched and forgotten over the years.

Be a volunteer to an NGO who deal with projects relating to the empowerment of women, child care or anything that draws your interest and is also of a major help to the society.

Use your skills:
You may be a businessman, a professional, or an accountant. Years of experience in that field will certainly be of some help to the youngsters. Use your skills to train them. Start a course. This will fill your pockets and even finds you some work to keep going.

Pen them:
You may not be a celebrity to the world, but life must have taught you something, that you always wanted to pen down. So why do not you try it now? You have the leisure and even the patience too. This is the best opportunity, to tell the world what you feel. You may not win the Booker Prize, but maybe many can learn from your experience ..

Join a course:
Was not there a time when you were badly wanted to learn to paint, sing or dance. Here the time has come. Join a course that interests you. Fulfill all your desires. Use your creativity to put forth your ideas.

Let not age make you surrender to its oddities. Soar and fly. Begin your life anew in its own colors. Retirement is the respect given to your years of service. But if you do not want to sit and rest why not explore and say "Here life I am back like a Phoenix." Ready to go. " Live the life that you're worth living, after all, 'Age is a state of the mind.'