Lift Chairs – An Overview

Youth eventually gives way to old age sooner or later, and you’ll soon have to face certain challenges that can make your later life extremely tough. At an advanced age, you may be facing some limitations with regards to your movements. Aging can bring about infirmity and disabilities of various types and having varying impacts on your life. But it is important that you do not let these problems get you down and out. In order to retain your mobility, you should try out lift chairs. Read on to know more about how lift chairs and how they can help you.


The basic function of a lift chair is to allow you to easily stand up from a sitting posture, thanks to a power-lifting mechanism that pushes the entire chair from its base. Even if you suffer from arthritis, this can be really helpful. Other than this, lift chairs can usually perform all other functions of a motorized recliner.


Usually, a lift recliner can work with a weight between 375 and 450 lbs. There are some models which can handle weights up to 700 lbs. These chairs can also be classified according to their degree of flexibility and number of reclining positions available. So you have:

  • 2-position chairs, which, as the name suggests, allows you two reclining positions. You can either keep the chair straight for sitting upright or switch to the “TV recline” mode, for reading or watching television.
  • 3-position chairs give you the capacity to recline to about 135 degrees, which should be enough for you to attain the right posture for a nap. They also allow you to sit upright or maintain the TV-recline posture.
  • “Infinite” recline chairs can go fully flat (like a bed) and have independent back and leg positions. So you actually have countless reclining positions between the upright and the flat-bed positions. Some of these lift chairs come with mattresses for added comfort.


Like all motorized gadgets, a lift recliner should also be used carefully. There have been instances when children have been trapped between the upholstered section of the chair and the frame, while playing with the lifting mechanism. To eliminate such risks, a power chair must be kept out of the reach of children when you are not using it.

The best lift chairs can be a might expensive, but they also provide you great comfort and ease of mobility. Your medical insurance should a cover a portion of, if not the entire cost of purchasing a lift chair.