Lift Chairs – Choosing a Brand

People who have difficulty with the task of standing or sitting often turn to lift chairs to give them a helpful boost. These chairs are a special type of recliner that is outfitted with a strong lifting system that raises the chair into the air. These chairs are usually very well priced and in many cases they actually cost less than a traditional recliner would.

When you buy anything, brand is often an important consideration. If you buy something from an off brand manufacturer, it doesn’t mean that it is automatically of poor quality, but it certainly can. In the medical industry, there are two brands that date back over twenty years and are well known for producing quality products that are built to last. These companies are Golden Technologies and Pride Mobility, who today offer a wide selection of medical products, but got their start making custom built lift chairs.

These companies both literally revolutionized the way lift chairs were constructed, but Golden Technologies was actually founded one year prior to Pride Mobility. One of the main things that the entrance of these companies facilitated is a much higher quality lift chair with improved safety features.

Up until Golden and Pride entered the medical industry, there were many companies that were less than reputable. The less than reputable companies would buy a low quality recliner retro-fit it with a spring lift system and re-sell it. This lead to many poorly made lift chairs, which were not only of poor construction, but could also be unsafe.

Golden and Pride set out to change this and hand building their own lift chairs, completely from scratch. They focused on creating a frame that could handle the stress of being raised into the air several times a day. They also realized that using a spring lifting system was unsafe, so instead they outfitted all of their chairs with an electrical lifting system. They quickly dominated the industry, because people realized that they were producing a quality product that was designed with safety in mind.

Other companies, which had been behaving in less than reputable manners, were forced to either change their ways and follow the example set by Golden Technologies and Pride Mobility or close their doors. The trust built up during this time period greatly helped to cement the Pride and Golden brand into the consciousness of the consumer.

During the late eighties and early nineties, Pride and Golden expanded their product lines to include other mobility living aids, such as electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Today they both offer a complete line of mobility living aids that are designed with the consumer in mind. They have both also preformed many philanthropical actions and have helped to further research into mobility related areas. Pride has also went on to develop a department that is aimed at building and developing high tech electric wheelchairs and alternate controls.

Brand name isn’t everything, but it can be a powerful tool for the consumer when trying to find a quality product. In the case of lift chairs and other mobility living aids, if the aid is manufactured by Golden Technologies or Pride Mobility, you know that it is of high quality and built to very high standards.