Lift to Get Stronger

Everyone that works out should have a great workout routine. This is the most important factor that will determine if you are able to gain weight and build muscle mass or if you will remain the same. There is no sense in lifting weights and training hard unless you plan on seeing results. Making sure you are utilizing a training program designed for your body type will ensure this.

It doesn’t matter how hard you train if you aren’t using the right workout routine for you. Everyone’s body is different and therefore responds differently to a set workout and even to an individual exercise. That is why it is so important to adopt a routine that fits your body type and will help you get stronger. Just because a routine helps one person gain weight, build muscle and add strength, that doesn’t mean it will work for you.

The first thing you need to do is figure out what type of body you have. If you struggle to gain weight and add muscle, you are a hardgainer. These people work out like everyone else but don’t see the same results as the people around them. This is because their muscles recover slowly and they need a routine that takes this into account. The routine the people around them at the gym are using is not going to allow their muscles to fully heal in between lifts. When they workout with tired muscles, it actually weakens the muscles and causes both injury and illness.

The best routine consists of only a few hours in the weight room each week. Three to four 1-hour workouts is ideal.