Lift Your Way to Freedom With a Stair Chair Lift

A stair chair  lift  is a fantastic solution for people with mobility and accessibility issues. It allows them to get back their freedom that they once enjoyed within their home. A stair chair  lift  can also prevent accidental falls and wear and tear on joints already worn from arthritis.

When looking for a  lift , you’ll need to first evaluate your needs. The most important thing to consider is the spatial limitation, if any, within your home. There’s a variety of different  lifts  available including ones that are even designed for use on a spiral staircase! Most  lifts  are designed with a small footprint that will fit nearly any stair case, but make sure you let the dealer you choose know what size area you are working with to ensure you get the best possible solution.

There’s also other important considerations such as weight limitations. Depending on which one you choose, a stair chair  lift  can have a variety of different weight capacities and can accommodate higher weight levels.

You’ll also want to make sure that the one you choose ensures a smooth ride as well as a gentle stop– no one wants to vibrate all the way up even a small stair case and come to an abrupt halt! The remote control on the chair also makes it easy to operate. In addition, you can even opt to have additional controls installed at the bottom or top of the landings– or even both– just in case you want to send something up or down the stairs “unmanned”! Most stair chair  lifts  have a safety feature where you can render the controls inoperable to insure that little children don’t get accidentally injured.

Another useful feature are wrap around arms that come standard with most any stair chair  lift  on the market. These help provide additional stability during your ride. Another feature that is normally standard is a rotating seat. While the  lift  is in operation, the seat locks. But once the  lift  is stationary, the seat rotates anywhere from 90-180 degrees so that you or your loved one is able to enter or exit with ease.

Most any stair chair  lift  will operate on standard household current which eliminates the need and cost for home rewiring. In addition, any stair chair  lift  you choose will have a battery backup in the event that there is a power failure you or your loved one won’t get stuck in the middle of your ascent or descent.

Purchasing and having a stair chair  lift  installed can help you or the ones you love regain their independence. With proper planning and information, locating and choosing the right stair chair  lift  can be a breeze. With all of the available options, you are sure to find one that will suit your needs!