Lifting Reduces Breast Size? Oh Come on!

I have lots of female college at my work place. But whenever I ask any of them to go with me to the gym, they shunned me. I admit, I do feel a little sad (hehe).

Why is this so? I've had many of them telling me, "Lifting weights will make me bulk up like a male", "Lifting reduces my breast size". Actually, I do understand their worries.

But I have to be serious, ladies, a bodybuilder's body is impossible to achieve without good genes, strict diet, strict training, supplements and steroids. It is hard to realize that body for a male needless to say, a female. You WILL NOT become like that just because you lift weights!

Myth: Lifting weights reduces breast size

Some facts you might be interested in:

Breast are mainly made up of fatty tissue
This means that building muscles is not going to cause your breast to shrink in size! When you lose fat, you lose fat all over the body. Therefore, if any breast reduction occurs from weight loss, it will be the true size of your breast at your healthy weight.

Fat does not turn into muscle and muscle does not turn into fat
Many people believe that fat and muscle are the same thing. There is a common myth that not working out causes your muscles to turn into fats. How untrue can that be? Fat and muscle are two separate types of tissue in the body! Lifting weights will not turn fatty breast tissue into muscles.

So, what is the reason for reduced breast size?
As your body fat drops, the fat tissue in your breast drops too. And if your body fat is very low, the more likely your breast size will decrease. But do not get too worried. Unless you are a serious bodybuilder like the one in the picture above, your body fat should not drop extremely low.

Women should not shun away from lifting weights. If your aim is to lose weight, lifting weights can be a huge help.