Lifting Weights And Improving Your Health

We face struggles in our day to day life, It seems we never have time to take care of ourselves the way we should. While the stock market is giving us all anxiety we do not have a way to vent this aggravation. Most of us reach for junk food, alcohol or other things that are not good for our physical or emotional health. This is how the downward spiral of bad habits begin and the more it is done the harder it is to break.

It is easy to say there is no time or money to exercise and get healthy, However if a person is truly committed to improving their health they can succeed at it without costing a small fortune. A large number of people have become indoctrinated to believe that they need to sign up at an expensive gyms or hire a personal trainer in order to have any hope of getting fit.

The truth of the matter is a person who can become fit right in their very own homes. They do not need to pay an obscene amount of money for this. Fitness rest in simplicity if it is overly complicated no one will be able to follow it consistently.

Getting in shape requires some loose fitting clothes and something heavy to lift on. Lifting Weights is one of the best things to do for your body. Our body needs energy to live and grow when we have too much energy that is not burned up it turns into fat. As we add fat it becomes more difficult for our heart and body to maintain itself.

When we exercise we burn up more energy so there is less to become fat. However besides from maintaining our body temperature and organs we burn very little energy. Muscles burn fat so the more muscle we have the more calories we burn.

Aerobic exercising alone will not build muscle mass we will need to include weights for maximum results.

Resistance training is vital to force our body into adding muscle. When we lift heavy things it strains our muscles and they have micro tears. After we are done exercising our muscles heal and once they heal they become stronger. This is how muscle is added on top of this all the exercising will help create a channel to vent our stress.

As we reduce stress and become healthier our lives will become happier and more fulfilled.