Light Energy Liposuction For Non Surgical Body Fat Reduction

Needing to improve your female body shape? Exercise, diet and genetics getting the upper hand as fat deposits begin to define your body image and attractiveness? Intimidated by the costs and risks of full blown cosmetic surgery?

Delivering Light Energy "Under The Skin". If you're battling with aging and an increasingly "lumpy" shape, then you'll want to explore one of the latest emerging body fat reduction technologies known as Vaser liposuction. Think of this body fat rendering as a high technology energy probe, focusing just the right energy wavelength directly into your fat cells … leaving near connective tissue, blood vessels and nerve fiber undisturbed. A wide spectrum of light energy or "photonics" therapies offer low impact non surgical body shaping properties rather than surgery.

Reducing Stomach Fat And Love Handles Safely. With cannula-based ultrasonic liposuction, reducing stomach fat has just gotten one step safer than traditional liposuction. Here's why. By its design and nature, ultrasound liposuction is significantly more discrete that conventional liposuction. First treatment step following your prior health exam is to inject a combination saline-anesthetic fluid into the treatment area, for rapid absorption by your unsuspecting fat cells. Next step involves inserting a micro-fine grooved probe into the treatment area, where it can deliver diffuse high impact ultrasonic energy directly against the targeted stomach fat cells. Body response? Your fat cells, lighter and less complex than near connective tissue and nerve fiber, rapidly "absorb" the ultrasonic wavelength energy … nearby cells simply "reflect" the energy safely back. Swollen and ready stomach fat cells literally dissolve into an emulsified slosh that, along with gentle complementary massaging, can be carefully suctioned.

Safety, Low Impact, Low Risk Body Contouring During "Lunch Time". No more do your love handles or a fat butt have to wait for costly and seriously invasive traditional liposuction. Instead of the potential health risks of infection, bruising, damage to connective tissue, nerves and blood vessels as can occur with the all-or-nothing liposuction cannula scraping and vacuuming, sub dermal ultrasound liposuction gives your doctor a finger finger tip control over the particularly Designed grooved probe which carefully diffuses the energy … which translates into controlled effective performance … you lose body fat without significant down time.

Best Candidates For Ultrasound Liposuction. One school of thought holds out that people who keep a consistent diet and regular exercise and have a small to medium amount of localized body fat are the "ideal" candidates for "light" therapy. Reality, however, is that most people's genetics and lifestyle place them in the medium to heavy fat spectrum. Solution? Take your doctor's advice. Consider ultrasound or sister radio frequency treatments alone, for smaller volumes of localized fat, or combined with traditional liposuction.