Light Is The Key To Wealth And Happiness In Feng Shui

Geomancers believe that light has linked us with an energy source and changes our ch'i with optimism. The energy (chi) obtained from light can be activated and empower people. It is with adequate amount of lighting both outdoor and indoor in your homes that would invite positive energy. Symbolically and literally, light guide us in every step of our way. A well lit pathway or driveway will give us a sense of security and highlights the approach of our home. To encourage positive and productive activities like studying, playing, reading, working, etc., there must be a good illumination, not too much nor too little.

Negative attitudes like loneliness, depression, hate, anger and boredom can be altered into position by changing lights. Avoid the use of blinkers or heavy diffusers, dark colored or mobile lights, so as to prevent unstable ch'i. A well lit kitchen make you enjoy cooking or working in your kitchen. Both the area and your attitude will be brighter and livelier. Try to highlight problem areas with direct lighting and you will notice the positive changes that will take place.

Avoid an area that is partially cut off from light. Light that is angles in a way that it catches the corner of the eye is irritating and this is not good for the eye's health and therefore it is not good Feng Shui. Light concealed by ceiling beams and wall panels give dramatic effect but light being concealed or diffused in those ways is not good. It is like limiting your talent or potentials or allowing your energy to be obscured or hindered and your abilities suppressed.

The window also contribute into bringing light into your home, they are conductors of positive ch'i and should be completely open inward or outward and not sliding sideways, up or down. The most ideal is the window opening outward because it allows maximum ch'i to enter, circulate and enhance your energy in career and business opportunities. The outward movement of opening is a harmonious and positive action extending your energy outwards.

The inward movement on the other hand depicts timidity, selfishness and harms the positive energy of the occupants in the house. The width of the window should be adequately proportional to the size of the room to allow the right amount of light and energy into it. Slit like or narrow windows suppressed the positive flow of ch'i and limit the perspective and opportunities of the occupants.

Hanging a crystal ball or a sphere on a western window to transform the glaring sunlight into a delightful spectrum of rainbow colors to enhance and liven up the room with positive energy forces. Hang chimes on windows facing the north to bring cheerful sounds if the window could not allow as much positive energy from the light outside. Create an illusion of light in a somewhat dark and gloomy room whose windows are small by hanging a mirror on a wall facing the window, the reflection of light will add illumination to the room and provide it a livelier effect.

Use light screens on windows so as not to diffuse the light from outside of your house. The corner or wall at your left as you enter a room is considered a lucky spot. If that area is dark and with so much clutter, declutter it and install light to activate positive ch'i flow in the room.