Light Up Your Life With a Chinese Lantern!

Chinese lanterns have been around for many centuries of years, often used in Thailand and China at religious festivals and big celebrations. However, they have recently grown more and more popular across the world in the modern day, because of the attractive and unusual touch they can bring to a wide range of special occasions.

Coming in many different shapes, sizes and colors, (including hearts, flowers and traditional looking lantern shapes) they have been seen at New Year celebrations, Valentine's Day and birthday parties alike. Traditionally they were set free into the sky to symbolize a freedom from troubles, but nowdays they can be seen as a romantic gesture at a wedding, anniversary or engagement party. They are also a cost effective way of using authentic and unusual looking outdoor lighting in the evening, sometimes at a summer event or family BBQ.

Made from thin paper and usually collapsible, once removed from the packet the Chinese lantern can be lit quite easily and when released into the sky, they can reach heights of up to a mile. Visible from a great distance, these Chinese lanterns can stay alight for up to half an hour and are almost weightless, allowing the lantern to float delicately across the sky line, really dazzling your guests.

They are perfectly safe to use as well – made from natural materials which will not harm the environment. They also make a great alternative to fireworks, which is particularly appealing if you have small children as they are quieter and safer to use. They also last a lot longer!