Lighted Wall Fountains Give an Illuminating Effect

Lighted Wall Fountains for a Hollywood Style Home

Lighted wall fountains are becoming all the rage and it's no wonder why. While all water fountains and water features, be they wall fountains, cast stone or slate fountains or indoor waterfalls, can liven up the drabbest interiors. Illumination can truly bring out their magical effects. When the sun goes down and all is dark, a wall fountain, helped by some imaginative illumination, helps bring out hidden accents in the design that may have not been visible in the daylight. The color of the polished river stones, urns, basins, and other objects and adornment that complement the fountain can be highlighted by the use of clever lighting.

Lighted Wall Fountains Bring Out Hidden Accents

Almost always, wall fountains will look better when they're illuminated. Think of the Bellagio Fountain in Las Vegas. It's one of the most enduring and endearing symbols of the city, beside the clubs on the Strip of course! The Bellagio Fountains are beautiful by day, expansive and large scale as they are. But it's at night, accented with spectacular illumination and complemented by music, that the sheer overwhelming beauty of the iconic fountain is made clear.

For those who wish to add such illuminated fountain magic to your home, without having to purchase the next 4 houses on the block to make room for the new fountain, lighted wall fountains provide the answer.

A Wall Fountain Offers Imaginative Illumination

The beauty of a lighted water feature can be traced to more than the positioning of bulbs. These lights have to be strategically placed for the true beauty of the fountain to shine though. For instance, imagine a fountain that shows a girl pouring a pitcher of water. The effect is beautifully enhanced when fully lit.

Consider, however, if the illumination was to include only the statue of the girl and the falling water, but exclude the point at which the water hits the base. Then you have the illusion of water falling into unseen depths. This creates a spectacular and intriguing effect. This is the power of illumination, the power to tantalize and provoke. Lighted wall fountains present countless color : such Possibilities. The use of With some imagination, and the right amount and color of illumination, lighted wall fountains can Enthrall and the awe the viewer.