Lighting 101 – Different Types of Lighting

Lighting can greatly affect the look and feel of your home instantaneously. It creates an ambiance which makes guests feel quickly at home. Appropriate lighting can make a small room look open and fresh while a large room can appear welcoming and attractive. Lighting can also be used as a stimulating atmosphere for a night of entertainment or a quiet feeling of relaxation after a long tiring day at work. It is therefore evident that lighting can really make a huge difference and drastically change the mood of an individual in an instant. Lighting comes in many forms, here are some of them:

o Table lamps are typically used as reading lights, to accent dark corners or used at buffet tables. Model of table lamps come in different types. Good examples are tiffany style table lamps that are very popular and have an elegant quality in it. Always consider the size of the table lamp you are deciding in and remember that it should never overwhelm the area which you are planning to put it on. Choose a lamp that fits well inside the room and complements the other furniture as well.

o There are many types of portable lighting. These are plug-in lights designed to be placed around your home and can be moved. Flexibility is one of its most appealing features.

o On the other hand, torchieres are floor lamps which direct light upwards. This type of lighting is used for general, ambient and accent lighting. These lighting is commonly placed in areas such as corners and areas with high ceilings.

o Floor lamps provide generous task lighting for activities such as sewing and reading. They are also used to accent dark corners of a room. This lighting type should be free of distracting shadows and glare. They are able to cast a focused light and ideal for complimenting a favorite chair.

o Desk lamps are generally designed to light a smaller area more extremely such as workspaces. The light source is typically placed approximately 12-15 inches above the surface of the desk

o The types of lighting that have movable arms to direct light when needed are armed lamps. They are directly mounted to the wall and can be plugged in some cord covers to match its finish. These lamps are great alternatives to bedside lamps without taking much space.

Once you have learned more of the different types of lighting, you should also keep in mind some valuable pointers involving lamps to ensure you will be using them the best way possible.

For shade selection:

Task lighting is essential for doing detailed work such as reading. With solid colored shades, the direction of light can be controlled because there is little amount of light that can go upward. The lights are also filtered and focused down below. When reading, be sure to place the source of light above the person's head not behind it to avoid shadows on the book you are reading.

To create a balanced effect of light and dark, it is essential to learn the different types of lighting. These lamps come in numerous design pieces such as the popular tiffany style table lamps and it will depend on your preference. This will definitely create an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation that you can truly take pleasure in from hard day's work.