Lighting – Final Frontier of Decorating

Once you have all the main pieces of furniture for your home and all the accents and accessories, you can add the final touch to your decor with lighting. Now there are two kinds of lighting that you should be aware of that need to be managed for the right ambience of your decor.

Natural: This is the light from the outside, such as from the sun during the day and the moon / stars during the night. You can control this lighting through your windows, bay windows, and sun-roofs. Awnings can also work as an outside effect to control outdoor light coming into your home.

Artificial: This is the light that is powered by electricity or other energy sources, like a candle for example. You can usually customize this through a table lamp, desk lamp, and mounted / ceiling / track lighting as well as well placed accent lighting and candles. Even your fireplace and the way you decorate it is an artificial light that adds so much to the ambience of your decor.

One key point is how your mood is affected by the light that occurs in your room. Does it make you feel comfortable, soothing, or too alert? Does the sun shining through your bed wake you too early in your bedroom or disturb your nap in your living room. Of course you can just move a window around or block out the sunroof, but I do recommend accent room dividers that help you manage the rays coming into the room. Or even window treatments, blinds, or curtains can add to the look of your decor as well as help you manage this aspect of your decorating final frontier. Stay tuned as we bring more articles on lighting that you should have for each room in your home.