Lighting For Applying Makeup – The Most Important Component

Lighting for applying makeup is something that most people overlook. How many times have you felt that before leaving your home you look stupendous and just when you went out and checked yourself in daylight, it looked disastrous? Well, this has happened to me a lot of times and this was when I realized that lighting for applying makeup is very important. In fact, it more important than what you do on your face, because, this is what decides your final look.

How do you know if the lighting in your bathroom or bedroom is perfect? Remember this key fact, your makeup comes out well when you have brighter lighting as this shows if what you have applied has come out even. You might overdo things if the light is very dim.

Lighting for applying makeup needs to be bright, if possible natural light itself. You can check if your dressing table is near a window because this way you can let the day light enter your room. The blend of colors that you use is very important and this you will not know if it has come out well, unless you look in natural, pure light.

The most important thing about lighting for applying makeup is that if it looks good in natural light, then it will look absolutely wonderful in every other setting, even dim lights or fluorescent lights. It is very important to make the makeup a little heavy around your eyes if you are going for an evening party as it adds to the glamor.

A very important tip in connection with this is that when you are applying makeup turn your face so that it faces the source of light wherever it is natural light or a bulb. Make sure that there are no shadows forming too as this will help you see the intensity of the color you have applied. Keeping this in mind will give you the best results and you will also feel that your application of makeup has turned out to be flawless and most perfect.