Lighting Style – Crystal Chandeliers

Adding crystal chandeliers to a home's existing décor can make your home look more unique, and equally elegant.

These ornate lighting fixtures are most often associated with grand ballrooms and stately dining rooms, hotels and casinos. Although they are surely appropriate for these settings, it is vital not to underestimate the immediate effect a chandelier will have on your visitors. As you know, first impressions are paramount. This is the main reason why chandeliers are more often used in entrances and foyer areas.

You can use a chandelier in almost any room, since there are countless styles from which to choose from. For example, there are others that date back to the 16th century, and have a timeless feel and appearance.

Since then, many other contemporary modern designs have come to fold, and are as equally impressive. Most modern lighting fixtures manage to both offer a nod to the past while fitting naturally into the present day décor and interior design.

Chandelier Designs Should Blend With A Room's Existing Decor

Chandeliers definitely shape the mood in any room and you should find one that directly represents the atmosphere you wish to create. For homeowners who are looking to create a more dignified and formal atmosphere, then installing these lighting fixtures are a great choice.

Many designs also afford an elegant and refined look. For those interested in creating a more relaxed and casual atmosphere in a room, utilizing traditional-styled chandeliers make for effective room lighting and design options.

You can also look for a lighting fixture that is inspired by the period reflected in the room you are putting it, but you do not have to. Many contemporary designs are a blend of traditional elements with modern materials – glass and alabaster with polished chrome or satin nickel, which makes them work with a variety of styles

Deciding On The Right Lighting Effect

Once buyers have made their choices with regards to the size and style of the chandelier, they should next decide on what kind of lighting effect they are looking for.

While most of these lighting fixtures direct light upwards and bounce it off the ceiling to produce a radiant, yet warm glow throughout the room, some are designed to produce downlight. These lighting pieces better illuminate the dining room table and provide an added glow of accent lighting for centerpiece displays. For some, it is possible to create a downlight effect by adding miniature lamp shades around each of the light bulbs.

Finally, these fixtures must be mounted at the proper height to provide a unique and appealing aesthetic appearance, as well as provide adequate illumination. In rooms with ceilings less than 9 feet tall, chandeliers should be placed an estimated 30 inches above the dining room table. If the ceiling is 9 feet tall or more, install the fixture an additional 3 inches higher from the table.

Adding A Dimmer Helps To Control The Amount Of Light

Most lighting and home décor experts recommend that home owners make use of dimmers. Dimmers increase your ability to control the light and adjust it according to our specific needs at different times or situations. It's worth knowing that that there are small programmable wall mounted pre-set dimming units that will replace up to 6 wall switches and allow you to make an effortless lighting scene control.

In finding the appropriate chandelier design for your home, simply start with a color or a material that is predominant in the decoration scheme of your room.

What catches your eye in the room, and what type of statement would you wish to make? If the room is more traditional, choose chandeliers with more ornamentation and decorative details. If your home is modern, opt for less ornamentation and simpler details.

If your options are not yet clear, it would be best to rely on the help of a lighting consultant in a lighting showroom to help guide the decision. Sometimes, it's simply a matter of choosing what feels good. Lighting consultants often have knowledge of the available designs, the proper interior decor training, and other options to help move you in the proper direction.

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