Lighting, the Affordable Decorating Alternative

If you’re thinking about redecorating your place but are on a somewhat tight budget, consider flirting with the idea of playing with lighting. Affordable and versatile, lighting is a key element in living; without it we wouldn’t be able to see where we’re going! On a serious note, as much of a necessity as lighting is to everyday living, lighting can also be used as a decorating accent.

Take for instance, outdoor lighting. Usually porch lights and lamp posts are what people first think of when it comes to this sort of lighting and overlook the decorative possibilities. Landscape lighting such as ground level canister lights and mini ground torch lanterns are a subtle way to enhance the appearance of your front or back yard. Classier looking than your average glow-in-the-dark lawn gnome, these outdoor lights create a lit pathway and don’t disrupt the look of your home during daylight hours.

Planning to recreate a fresh look inside your home? Wall lamps, picture lights and other assortment of wall mounted lighting are perfect for accenting rooms and highlighting family portraits and artwork. A personal favorite of mine are the adjustable canister-styled spot lights; small in size and easy to install, these lights are bright enough to show off my photography collection and most even come with a dimmer switch – perfect for mood lighting.

Speaking of mood lighting, table and floor lamps make for excellent background lighting. Traditional styled table lamps that feature silk shades and gold leafing accents evoke a romantic ambience, while contemporary styled floor lamps that feature a floor length glass diffuser transform any cocktail party a socialite setting. Now that you’re ready to use lighting to your decorative advantage, remember that you should always consider energy cost, wattage, whether it’s easy to install, and of course, the mood you wish to evoke.