Lighting Tips for Your Bedroom That Will Dazzle!

If you don’t absolutely look forward to retreating to your bedroom at the end of the day for some much needed rest and relaxation from the world and its troubles–then something is wrong, very wrong! The living room, kitchen, even the bathrooms–all of these areas are open to the prying eyes of the public including friends, family, and guests. Therefore, we tend to decorate a little conservatively in these rooms but there is no reason for that trend to follow you all the way into your precious bedroom–especially when it comes to your lighting fixtures!

Let’s just imagine what the typical bedroom is illuminated with–some sort of flush-mounted ceiling fixture that is possibly complemented by a table lamp or two on either side of the bed…sound about right? Well, you can easily change all of that and make the bedroom a welcome retreat again by making a few simple changes, such as:

1. Install wall sconces on either side of bed and eliminate clutter of night stands and table lamps

2. Adding a chandelier or hanging pendant made from elaborate glass or intricate design

3. Creating a sitting area and use floor lamp to save space and add task lighting

4. Installing track lighting controlled via dimmer switch above headboard area

A pair of Tiffany wall sconces will bathe the bedroom in soothing light that has been gently diffused by the colorful art glass used to make the lampshades. To make the space more ergonomic and to keep everyone happy, it is best to wire the sconces separately so that each person can use the lights whenever they like without bothering the spouse. Whether you decide to go with Tiffany wall sconces or some other design–just be sure that the fixtures coordinate with the other lamps, pendants, and other light sources in the room.

A chandelier is admittedly a bit extravagant for the bedroom. However, a classy yet stylish pendant adds the perfect amount of subtle sophistication to the space. Classier than a simple flush-mounted ceiling fixture, the pendant will flood the area with ample ambient illumination when centrally located. Be sure to purchase a hanging pendant that complements the other décor and furniture in the room because the right fixture will complete a room while those clashing with the décor will disrupt the entire look and feel.

Creating a little sitting area in the bedroom is always a great idea because it truly creates a place in the room where you can relax without going to sleep. Because you might want to do a little light reading or simply concentrate on some job or other, it is a good idea to add some task lighting to the area. Remembering to buy fixtures made in the same design and style of others in the room, some options to task lighting options for the sitting area include:

1.Floor lamp


3.A pair of table lamps

Finally, to either provide additional lighting for reading in bed or simply to add some accent lights, you might want to consider track lighting above the headboard. When all of the other lights are turned off, the track lights will be serve as accent lights. Just remember–the track lights will become permanent fixtures in the room so don’t install them without thinking about their long-term impact upon the space.

The bedroom is the one room in the home that you can and should keep private. This is not a room that you want to display to guests and family–this is your personal sanctuary so feel free to indulge and decorate the space as you see fit. Just remember, the best lighting fixtures in the world will make a room look worse if they are not matching in design, style, and materials. Be sure to do your homework and decide upon the design and style of fixtures you want before committing to a purchase.