List of Everyday Devices That Use Solar Energy

Solar power is an interesting technology. People have been using products with solar power panels since they were children and don’t even realize it. Remember those tiny little calculators with the black strip. Whenever you held your finger over it, the screen would disappear. That was solar energy.

Those calculators are one of the most popular items that use solar power. But, these days there are so many more products that are using the growing technology. Solar panel works well because it’s a renewable energy, which means it will replenish itself after being used. The sun comes out everyday and people never have to worry about their solar panels not working. Some of the bigger products that use solar energy are steam generators. People use them to heat and light their homes. Companies use them to run machines in their plants. However, there are smaller and practical uses to solar energy as well.

Campers and hikers can benefit from solar energy and people who need emergency items. Companies are producing radios, lights and battery chargers that use just solar power. What is so great about these products is that there are many different types you can buy. There are some radios that come with AM/FM with a built-in flashlight. Others have AM/FM/VHF/TV. Imagine all these products and all they need is a little light to get started.

There are many companies that make solar powered flashlights and lanterns. These work great in emergency situations when you have no batteries or any other resource to light your flashlight. The flashlight will be charged during sunlight hours and then be used at night. In case you need the flashlight at night, there are some lights that have cranks to get them started. If you have a solar powered battery charger, you now have the batteries for your flashlight.

Other products include a solar power cooker. You can cook in the outdoors and never have to worry about propane tanks again. There are small portable backup solar generators as well. Solar power has so many uses that it’s hard to believe there aren’t more tools with it. Some companies are selling solar volt testers and vehicle cigarette lighters. These can also be used in conjunction with the solar battery chargers. The battery chargers usually come in 12-volt or D battery settings. The 12-volt battery can be charged to use coffee makers, stoves, beverage heaters, mini coolers, lanterns, flashlights, hair dryers, electric razors, heating blankets and so much more.

As research companies find new ways to use solar power, start looking for it on more gadgets. Currently, there are people testing solar-powered cars and boats. There have been test models of these made but none for practical use. Right now it takes too many solar panels to get the vehicle moving and getting a person inside of it. Solar power is a path into the future. As new alternative energy is discovered, try to do your part in helping the environment with these great gadgets.