Little Giant Ladder Accessory Guide

When you purchase a little giant ladder it is very usual that you will be provided with a ladder manual and a list of accessories. You must know the name of the accessory that you may need to replace in the course of its frequent use. Wear and tear, dent, nick, crack etc. are the common occasion when you require a spare part to rectify your little giant ladder. So it is equally important to know the 'all-about' of little giant ladder accessory. Here are some major accessories that you may have with your little giant ladder.

(i) Little Giant Telescoping Work Plank

A 'Little Giant Telescoping Plank' converts your ladders into 'scaffolding'. It is a 'high-strength plank', it can hold up to 250 pounds, it enables you to stand and use your both hands while on the ladder. It can be stored in approximately half of its extended length. It is very light in weight and easy to set up and handling. It has a 'slip-resistant surface' for safety.

(ii) Little Giant Work Platform

It is a movable 'Work Platform' fits on any Little Giant ladder rung and is able to support up to 300 pounds of load. This unique design allows it to put away when not needed. It can be easily attached to the ladder rung.

(iii) Little Giant Ladder Leg Leveler

The little giant ladder 'Leg Leveler' offers a safe and stable solution when the Little Giant Ladder are to be used on an uneven surface. The Ladder Leveler is designed to meet the same extra heavy-duty standards as your ladders and it can be easily attached to your existing aluminum ladders.

(iv) Little Giant Wing Span

'Little Giant Wing Span' provides extra width when working around windows, rain gutters, overhangs, bushhes and other obstacles. It is very easy to attach with any little giant ladder.

There is another accessory called Little Giant Ladder Tip & Glide Wheel Kit. Now with the Little Giant Tip & Glide Wheel Kit, you can comfortably move your Little Giant ladder from one place to another. Just place your ladder into the storage position, tip it and walk. The ladder rolls behind you.