Little Pink Drill – Are Little Pink Drills Worth the Price? Read The Shocking Power Tool Review

Strong pink power tools can be difficult to find, especially when you do not want to compromise on strength and quality. However, the Little Pink Tools' Little Pink Drill is one power tool you'll want to have in your ladies tool set.

Product Specifications

This handy pink power drill is specifically designed to yield for the touch of a woman. Perfect for all of your small home projects, this powder pink tool is equipped with 18 volts, and comes with not one, but two rechargeable Ni-Cad batteries as well as a charger. Ultimately, this powder puff pink baby can go from 0 – 550 RPM with variable speed, and 16 torque settings, which, to many, symbolize this equipment's loaded with strength and power. Also, Little Pink Drill also comes with six (6) screwdriver bits, six (6) drill bits, one (1) reversible screwdriver bit and a cute, matching powder puff pink molded plastic carrying case that measures 14-1 / 2 "x 10-3 / 4 "x 3-5 / 8".

Little Pink Drill itself weighs only 3.35 pounds, making it lightweight, and when paired with its carrying case, extremely portable! Even better, the company provides a one year guarantee on the drill as well as its batteries and charger.

The Good, Bad and Ugly Customer Reviews

So you have the technical product specifications of the Little Pink Drill, but what are the customers saying about this cute product? Is the Little Pink Drill something promising to add to your ladies tool set, or is it simply just another one of those pretty, dainty girly tools for women that really hold little to no weight when it goes up against a real home remodeling project that needs strength and power to get the job done? In other words, is it worth buying?

Results are mixed, but overall highly favorable for this tool. It appears that while several customers seem to get a kick out of this cute drill, there are some drawbacks that should have considered when looking into this product for serious use.

Positive Reviews: What Did Customers Love About the Little Pink Drill?

  • Color: Obviously, the super-feminine blush pink color of this power hand tool attracted several customers to purchase this product off of its appearance alone. And can you blame them? It's not every day that you can find such an innocent and sweetly-colored hardware device such as this that promises to deliver as much brawn as its more masculine peers.
  • Performance: Most customers agreed that the product's performance was up to par with expectations (see Negatives for those who disagreed). Whether purchased as a gift for someone else or personal (professional) use, this tool displays a lot of torque and its rechargeable batteries definately come in handy to sustain endurance.
  • Charitable Contributions: 10 percent of the purchase price is donated to fund Breast Cancer Research, which is a very important cause dear to all of us in some way, shape or form.

Negative Reviews: What Did Customers Dislike About the Little Pink Drill?

  • Superficial Performance: Although many customers expressed pleasure with the strength and torque of the product's power, others were not as impressed. One unhappy customer labeled the device as a "throwaway cheapo drill" and advised that customers who were purchasing this drill for the color should save their money and buy a more powerful product and "just paint it or something."
  • Weak Battery Power: Some customers complained that despite the product comes with two batteries, both seem not to last for the long haul and need to be switched out and charged frequently.

Who Should Use Little Pink Drill?

Women who love the color pink and need a cute pink power tool to enhance the look of their ladies tool set would do well with the Little Pink Drill. This pink power drill is not overly powerful – it certainly would not stand up against an industrial strength power drill, but it will work for small home projects and interior decorating needs. Whether you opt to purchase Little Pink Drill or not is up to you, but be forewarned that while this is recognized as a useful addition to your tool kit, some would say that you're better off finding a pink electric screwdriver.