Little Tikes Bed – 6 Questions You May Have About the Twin Bed Or Toddler Bed

If you are planning to purchase a Little Tikes Bed or already have one, no doubt you have questions that need to be answered. Many of these questions go un-answered or the information is just to hard to find. Below are some commonly asked questions with answers that may help you find what you are looking for.

Question #1: Where do I find the most popular Little Tikes bed?

Little Tikes has a reputation for having fun, durable and safe twin & toddler beds that are always in high demand. Finding some of the popular ones can be a chore to put it mildly. If you check the big retailers like Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Toys”R”Us etc. and still can not find it, you may have to try other “less obvious” places.

First of all, call the Little Tikes customer service department – USA & Canada 1-800-748-2204, United Kingdom 1-190-826-8480 for a list of retailers. Check local classified newspaper adds, Cragslist, Facebook, and maybe just try asking your friends for ideas.

Question #2: How can I get a new copy of assembly instructions for the Little Tikes bed?

If you are like me you usually always loose any instructions that you get with any product. Sometimes you just throw them away believing that you will not need them after assembling the Little Tikes bed you bought. Years later if you need replacement parts or move and need to reassemble the bed, you don’t have any assembly instructions.

Fortunately, you can print another copy from the Little Tikes website. If you go to ( and check under “Consumer Service” at the bottom of the page under the category “Download Instructions”, they are all listed there by searching for them or clicking on the pop-down arrow.

Question #3: How do I order replacement parts for my Little Tikes bed?

You know that eventually you will need replacement parts for your bed because we all know how rough kids can be and sometimes even if you move you may forget the parts or misplace them. Of course the parts will be different for your twin bed or toddler bed. Simply call the Little Tikes company again (their number is above) and get the parts sent to you. Depending on the age of your Little Tikes bed you may even only have to pay shipping on them.

Question #4: How do I find out what new products are coming out?

Mostly this would only apply to really big Little Tikes fans. Simply go to their website and get them to send you a copy of their free catalog, email them at: ( or call them (toll free): 1-866-416-4217 (select option 1).

Another way to find out about new products, latest specials, promotions and events is to sign up for the Little Tikes newsletter. It will be sent to your email address of choice at the intervals that you choose.

Question #5: How long will it take to receive an order from the Little Tikes website?

They have 2 delivery methods at this time: UPS – estimated 8-10 business days or by Truck – estimated 14-21 business days. Being that your Little Tikes bed is a big purchase, it will probably take a little longer then some of the other smaller toys.

Question #6: What are the sizes of the twin bed and toddler bed?

Twin bed

Product Size: 94.00″L x 58.00″W x 27.00″H / 109.00 lb’s.

Box Size: 91.50″L x 25.50″W x 29.00″H / 109.00 lb’s.

Toddler bed

Product Size: 68.00″L x 40.50″W x 20.00″H / 62.00 lb’s.

Box Size: 64.75″L x 20.00″W x 24.38″H / 62.00 lb’s.

These are just several questions you may have concerning a Little Tikes bed. Check out my website below for further information.