Living Room Fire Prevention – Section 2

Once you have learned the basic steps of preventing fire damage caused by heaters, continue on by reading this section to learn how to inspect and maintain the other living room risk elements.

Electrical Appliances Safety

You should start by checking outlets, sockets, and extension cords to verify that they are not overloaded or worn down. Make sure that extension cords are not set under rugs or carpets and that they are not looped over nails or other sharp objects that could cause them to tear. Sockets must be covered with child-proof fittings if there are children in your home.

Create a clearance around TVs and stereos to allow proper ventilation that will prevent overheating. The fuses in the plugs of your TV and stereo should be rated correctly and wiring should not be worn or damaged.

For lighting such as lamps and other fixtures you should use bulbs with proper wattage, which is smaller than or equal to the maximum wattage prescribed by the manufacturer.

Open Flame

It is important to not leave burning cigarettes unattended, even when placed in an ashtray. If left unattended, they can fall onto furniture, newspapers or fabrics and smolder unseen, and can develop into a serious fire within hours. Always be sure that cigerettes and other smoking materials are properly extinguished before you leave the room or retire for the evening.

The contents of ashtrays should be cold before you throw them into the trash. Ashtrays should be solid and stable, made of non-combustible materials. Ashtrays that are too small or too full can be hazardous, so make sure they are frequently emptied.

Matches and lighters should be kept out of the reach of children. Children should be educated that matches and lighters are dangerous and are not toys. Childproof lighters and matchboxes are recommended if children are in your home.


Candles are popular, romantic, and soothing, however, they can be dangerous due to open flames. Utilize a proper candlestick holder and make sure that the candle fits firmly inside it. Keep plenty of space around the candle to minimize the possibility of fire even if it falls. Candles should be kept away from curtains, furniture, or anything else that can catch fire.