Load Break Switch

In power applications, switches perform function to energize or unenergized an electric load. On the high end of the scale are load-break switches and disconnecting switches in power systems at the highest voltages (several hundred thousand volts).

Load-break switches are required to maintain the capability of interrupting the load current. The load break switch in a circuit with several hundred thousand volts, designed to carry a large amount of current without overheating the open position, having enough insulation to isolate the circuit in closed position, and equipped with arc interrupters to interrupt the load current.

Load break switches of air break are of versatile switch gear for transformer control & protection. They can also be used for Motor feeder in conjunction with Vacuum contactors. They are highly useful for Ring feeders for isolation of faulty section either manually or through remote control if fitted with motor operation. Load break switch in conjunction with HRC fuse can tackle high fault current and offer very good protection against dead short circuit capacity up to 40KA.The fault clearance and isolation through this combination will be achieved in a few milli seconds provided a proper selection of LBS and fuse is done. HRC fuses are manufactured with silver strips/silver coated Cu. Strips wires surrounded by granular quartz. When short-circuit occurs the metal element melts and the molten metal melts the surrounding quartz, making the combination an insulating material, called fulgarite. There will be a number of sections in the element which will create similar insulating media in quick succession and thus the arc will be extinguished in a matter of few milliseconds, say 5 to 8 milli-seconds, ie., less than 1/2 a cycle.

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