Looking For A Great Chandelier

When you think of chandeliers, there is a chance that you end up passing up on them because you consider them to be too antiquated or elaborate. The truth is, chandeliers have updated as much as people have, and you'll find that when you want to add a dramatic accent and a terrific source of light to a room that a chandelier might be exactly what you are looking for. If you are curious to see what a chandelier can do for the entry way or dining room that you are thinking of redoing, take a look for some great tips below.

When you are thinking of getting a chandelier, remember that it should be proportionate to the room that it fills. If you have a chandelier that dangles too low, the room will feel cramped, and even if they do not need to, your guests will feel as though they should be ducking. On the other hand, if the room is too large for the size of the chandelier that you have decided on, you'll find that it looks shrunken and out of place.

There's a fairly good formula to help you decided on a chandelier size. Start with the dimension of the room in feet, the width by the depth, and add those numbers together. The sum of those numbers equals the number of inches of the diameter of your chandelier. This will give you a rough place to start. When thinking of the height of the chandelier, remember that it should not be more than seven feet from the floor.

With this in mind, you'll realize that you can quite easily make sure that you do not get the wrong chandelier; now all you have to do is find the right one! Chandeliers, despite their association with ballrooms and large confections of crystal, can come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, and you'll find that when you are interested in making sure that your room gets a certain effect across that a chandelier can be the perfect accent.

Think about the way you want the room to look. Are you hoping for a cozy, welcoming feel? You may want a chandelier that has a warm feel and is made out of bronze of wood. Similarly, if you are looking for something a little more stern or dramatic, consider taking a look at chandeliers that look like cast iron, or ones that are made from steel. When you are considering a chandelier, remember that it needs to work with the rest of the accents in your room and not fight them. You can also control the look of the chandelier by making a concrete decision on what the wattage is of the bulbs that you use in it.

If you are in a situation where you can think about a chandelier, remember that this decorative element can change the look of your whole room. There are many different options open to you when it comes to choosing a chandelier, so make sure that you inspect them all!