Looking for the Right Mobile Home Insurance

Finding mobile home insurance can be difficult, there are a limited range of insurers who provide a stand alone policy. Most insurers will provide mobile home insurance as an extension to your existing policy, however this can sometimes prove expensive. Finsure who are Irelands leading specialist Insurers offer a policy that provides a wide range of cover.

When researching the market for Mobile Home Insurance check the following prior to buying your policy:

  1. Does the policy provide cover to include your decking, shed and satellites?
  2. Are your personal effects covered while you are residing in your mobile home?
  3. In the event of your mobile home being destroyed does your insurer cover debris removal?
  4. Does the insurer provide cover for fire brigade charges?
  5. Is public liability cover under the policy?
  6. Can the policy provide cover should you decide to let the property?
  7. Are you covered for accidental damage?
  8. Are there any requirements that you must adhere to during the winter months?

Some tips that may prevent you having to make a claim on your insurance

  1. Ensure your water system is fully drained down between the 1st of October and the 31st March and the water turned off by a stopcock.
  2. Inspect your unit on a regular basis.

And finally it is important that you review your sums insured each year on your mobile home insurance. Most premiums are calculated by your sums insured, so it is important to review your sums insured each year as this is sure to reduce your premium!

You will end up spending some money on you holiday home, so you want to make sure you have all your angles covered when it comes to insurance. It is crucial to look for a provider to tailor for your specific needs.

The problem is most people do not consider insuring their second homes, holiday homes, or caravans, more often than not when it is too late! There are many simple maintenance tips that could prevent you from getting involved in a disaster when you turn the key on your holiday home on the first day of your summer holiday. Turning off the water for the winter is one tip, as well as straplocking up your water pipes. Make sure you have it well protected if the location is prone to storms in the Winter. For example, you could board up the windows.

Just be aware of the pitfalls before you consider buying a mobile home, not to mind insuring one.