Looking Through the Windows of Life – Reflect What You Desire to Experience in Your Life

Looking through the windows of life. Life is like looking through a window, or a mirror with the same exact reflection staring back. We all need to clean and polish our windows to enjoy a better view. Events in your life, can be seen on your face, as a mirror reflection, contained through your perception of your life story. Seen as looking through a window or mirror, you can only reflect the mirror image of what’s currently displayed, on your face, by what’s contained in your own soul, through your emotional view of your life events.

Do you ever take the time to gaze at your own reflection, as you cleanse your face everyday? Yes, then appreciate that you can cleanse away thoughts that no longer serve you and watch them go down the drain and reflect a cleaner, happier face!

Recognize the difference between self-induced drama, and stories of truth and courage; turn them around to abound in corrective action to live a morally inspired life. Release your story; unfreeze your brain from the mental drain that only served to feed your pain.

Allow yourself to engage in a cleansing breath, with crystal-clear breezes of air, enhanced by truthful actions and honest living. Enrich yourself as you breathe; release pent-up frustration, anguish and pain; engage your inborn gentleness in carefree ease; strive to please yourself; not me or anybody else for that matter. Stop the chatter of guilt and unfounded gab, it is history that should stay packed away, another story from another life, that is not a part of the current image you desire to display. Time to gain knowledge, wisdom, and to increase the way that you process yourself and your environment.

By expanding yourself and your truthful intention, it is a feat worthy of mention; it is all in your hands to expand your world; by expanding your world your heart-healthy vibration expands mine too, and we break the cycle of chaos in the zoo.

Look in the mirror, see the emotions that you reflect, show genuine concern, realize that those emotions will reflect back to you..

Know that in quiet, silence, you alone are omnipotent, All- powerful. You alone are in control of your own EGO, letting the ego GO far away, your ego should have an expiration date.

Maybe your ego once served you, though how it served you; you really don’t know.

Enrich your life, eliminate strife; engage your dreams, accelerate your means!

Energize your talents, hidden hopes, and inherited grace; let the sunshine overtake your face.

As the Lord provides for all; promising a new sunrise every day; That’s His promise whether we work, sing, dance or play, tomorrow is a new present with sunshine for all people to share and give while living their purpose-driven life.

Enjoy the journey that we call life, in the knowing, without a doubt, you are loved by the infinite energy that is a reflection of His love, it comes from high above the cosmos and delivered daily especially from Him to you and me! That’s an amazing reflection of love, wouldn’t you agree!

Rest in the knowing by showing that you are geared in the promise of a new beginning with a limitless ending.

Check your countenance, expression and emotive-energy, be aware of what your face reflects, it reflects back for the world to see; project the truthful image that you desire to create and live your life in harmony with yourself, your creator and be kind to all of those creatures that reside in nature.

Reflect your own personal truth in your hopes, visions and dreams, and let others do the same.

Live a reflective life of empowerment, strength, and expand the sands of the land that you desire to energize, engage and understand like grains of sand that can withstand the test of time.

Looking through the windows of life is seeking and finding the truth being reflected back to you from the energy that you alone brought into existence, by your own conscious life choices and actions. Looking through the windows of your life requires your own mirror looking back at you. Do you like the reflection that you see in the mirror?

For as long as you are alive, it is wisest to treat yourself and others with a reflection that brings you pride from deep, down inside of your being, reaching the core of your very soul, display respect and reverence for everyone. Even if people were unkind to you, rest in the knowledge that they have to deal with their own reflection, see their own tears, pain, or regret about what they did when they hurt you.

I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!