Lorex Security Cameras Ideal for Home Monitoring

With burglars become more cunning and crime rates sky rocketing the need for surveillance cameras is on high demand. These cameras can capture evidence and help deter robbers from even considering invading your home. If you want to boost your home security then the Lorex Security Camera is the one of the best in the market right now. Furthermore, this would be a great addition to any existing alarm system or you can even start calling security companies to see if they can install a system for these cameras. This camera is not overly expensive and the quality of the cameras is superb. Good reviews have been posted on Amazon about the Lorex High Resolution Day / Night Camera with 30 LEDs and customers have been thoroughly satisfied for this product.

Here are some technical details of this high marked camera:

– Professional high resolution 1/3 "CCD with 480 lines of resolution
– 30 IR LED emmiters for 0 lux night viewing up to 75
– Weatherproof design with removable sunshade
– 6mm fixed lens
– Includes 60 cable, mounting hardware and 12V power supply

As you can see, the techs for this camera are impressive. Home security can be at its best with this well-designed high resolution camera which has one of the best features to monitor your property in its class. To promote home security, the Lorex Security Camera can be used indoors and outdoors because of its weatherproof design and resolution (boasting of 1/3 "CCD with 480 lines of resolution) that can record pictures in color during the day. Many customers of these product claim that the picture is especially clear for day time recording. for viewing during the night time, the camera has 30 infrared LED emmitters that allow the user to see all activity clearly in places with dim lighting. Therefore, this camera has everything you need to monitor your home or business during the day or during the night.

People who purchase this security camera will be glad to find out that installation is fairly simple. You can put the camera on a wall or ceiling or anywhere you need to optimize the monitor system of your home. The camera comes with a removable sun shade that helps prevent glare in the video during peak sun hours. Additionally, another benefit of the sun shade is that it will keep the rain from hitting the lens and blurring the picture quality.

If anything were to happen, you can be assured that a video camera has captured evidence and the chances of a burglar being caught are very likely. Based on these high marks, you can count on Lorex to have good surveillance for your home protection. High quality cameras can be very expensive and hard to find but the Lorex High Resolution Day / Night Camera can significantly improve home security and even business security. The ability to obtain clear pictures in any time of the day or night is a great plus for this camera as an emergency can happen at any time.