Lose Belly Fat – Ultimate Tips to Get a Flat Stomach

There are many products and services on the market today to lose belly fat. However, the majority are a quick fix and not effective in the long-term. Ugly belly fat is a big problem in our society today effecting both men and women and young children. Our lifestyle and diet are having a unique effect upon our health and it's becoming increasingly obvious along with challenges of obesity and illness.

Having a sedentary lifestyle increases the chance of an expanding waistline, especially if you are consuming too much sugar and simple carbohydrates. Workers who sit for eight hours daily in front of a computer and are not active contribute to unwanted belly and body fat. Kids who play computer games rather than participate in exercise or sport will gain excess weight especially when eating the wrong food.

To lose belly fat a good healthy and wholesome diet is necessary. The worse offenders for weight gain are sugary drinks, meaning sodas but also fruit juice! Fruit juice is loaded with sugar and you will find it hard to lose belly fat if you are consuming these products.

To help you lose belly fat I have listed some suggestions below that will go a long way to getting the slim body and flat belly you have always desired.

Do not Eat Junk Food

You need to avoid eating junk and processed food. These foods contain high levels of sugar, fat, refined carbohydrates, salt and empty calories. Their content increases your blood sugar and will less fat burning capabilities slowing down your metabolism. These foods can also make you feel hungrier and set up cravings for more, exceeding your daily calorie intake. You also need to sacrifice your favorite comfort food like sweets, chips, corn chips, cookies and cakes to effectively lose belly fat.

Avoid Food made from Refined Flour

Food made from refined flour also helps contribute to belly fat. Reduce the intake of donuts, bread, cakes and pasta. Substitute them with oats, brown rice, whole meal bread, fruits and vegetables.

Be aware of how your body reacts to grains, even brown rice or oats. If you find you feel bloated and are retaining weight you may need to eat these rarely or eliminate them altogether. If you are sugar sensitive the flour in grains will immediately turn into sugar in your body and make it difficult for your system to burn tummy fat.

Drink Alcohol Moderately

You need to minimizeize alcohol consumption. Alcohol has no nutrients and adds more calories and contributions to body fat. The calories consumed while drinking beer are more likely to be stored as fat in the belly. If alcohol plays a huge part in your social life you may need to look at lessening your intake or cutting it out completely. Switch to diet sodas if need be.

Avoid Nighttime Nibbles

Watch out for nighttime nibbles when you are reading or watching entertainment. Eating later in the evening contributes to weight gain. Try to make your meal meal small and light as this is when your metabolism is at its slowest. Eating light in the evening will definitely help you to lose belly fat and you will wake up to flat abs!

Exercise or Play Sports

You can not get rid of tummy fat without doing exercise. Cycling, swimming or walking is recommended to quickly lose belly fat. Enroll in a fitness program to get a head start and stay committed. Do something you like like playing basketball, tennis or squash. Using a sport as a substitute for exercise will definitely burn the calories and help you to lose weight.