Lose Pot Belly – 10 Steps to Lose Your Pot Belly and Have a Flat Lean Stomach

Every second person is sick of the stomach fat and bulges around the waist. We are so much indulged in work that we forget about the trauma faced by our body. We keep on eating junk and increasing weight. So if now you have made up your mind to lose pot belly and have a flat lean stomach, you are welcome.

Here are 10 effective steps to lose pot belly and have a flat lean stomach:

1. Positive attitude and commitment towards the goal set by you is very important if you really wish to have a flat stomach. You can never shed those extra pounds if you are not dedicated to the program opted by you.

2. Stop eating junk food immediately if you wish to lose pot belly. Make a daily food chart for yourself. You don’t necessarily need to make a diet plan but indulge health food in your diet like green vegetables, proteins, minerals.

3. Walking is very good for attaining a flat lean stomach. You must go for walk every morning for half an hour. Try to walk as much as you can if you can’t make up for morning walk.

4. Stop eating white bread and instead eat brown bread. White bread is a refined product and leads to huge pot belly. It is not even considered healthy.

5. Only use egg white for making egg dishes like omelet’s, boiled egg. The yellow part of egg contains a lot of fat, where as egg white has low fat content.

6. Many people think that skipping meals is a solution to pot belly. Let us make it clear that skipping a meal can never give you a flat lean stomach. It is advised that you take 3 meals a day and on proper time.

7. Drink warm water with some lemon juice mixed in it. This remedy is very popular in burning calories. You can really get benefited and lose that pot belly to get a flat lean stomach by this drink.

8. Keep on checking your weight and maintain a record to boost yourself.

9. Hit a gym 4 times in a week. Proper workout can really help.

10. Do abdominal exercises like crunches, stretching etc and take aerobics classes. Both are equally helpful in reducing pot belly.