Lose Weight Naturally With This Simple Strategy

Where it stands now, over 36% of America’s population is obese and approximately 70% are overweight (with similar rates across the world) (Centers For Disease Control and Prevention). This is, to say, alarming. There is one super simple solution that we can implement that will lower this rate and help you lose the weight in a big way.

Did you know that you are much more likely to be overweight if you don’t sit down when you eat?

Your ancestors knew the benefits of sitting down while eating, but we seem to have forgotten this concept in today’s fast pace society where we find it difficult to make time to sit down and eat-and if you do, you are normally working at the same time or multi-tasking.

I know I used to do this all the time… constantly eating right out of the pantry, scooping ice cream straight out of the carton, or eating a bag of chips on the go. Maybe you have done that or similar things as well…

So, what is happening when you stand up that causes you to gain weight?

1. It is mindless eating!

This means you are not fully conscious or aware that you are eating. Do you ever wonder why you still seem hungry after eating a full meal? Oftentimes, it is because you ate mindlessly, and your brain did not recognize how much you ate. Your brain needs the psychological satisfaction that food brings.

When you are on the go, you usually have 100 different things on your mind-your job, kids, and so forth. Your mind is restless, and you are not present with your whole body and mind to the food you are eating. One moment that chipotle is in your hand, and within a couple minutes you’ve shoved it down your throat.

Eating in this way actually causes your brain to not consciously register that you have eaten enough, and you will feel deprived shortly thereafter.

Psychologically you are not as nourished, but this also has biological effects as well…

2. Physiologically, your digestion is impaired.

Being on your feet is stressful and agitating to your whole digestive system, and proper digestion is essential to permanent weight loss. Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic health systems have been around for 1000s of years, and they both emphasize strong digestion as the key to health and proper energy balance.

3. Eating on your feet is impulsive!

A few handfuls of m&ms or a couple chips here and there adds up over the course of a day. You don’t realize how many extra calories that tacks on to your daily amount. When you sit down and put your food on your plate, you are able to see how much food you are actually eating. Ditch the closet eating because it will add up.

Overall, psychologically your mind won’t be as satisfied, your digestion will be impaired (leading to inflammation and weight gain), and you will eat impulsively tacking on more calories than you intended. Sitting down will go a long ways in helping you shed a few unwanted pounds.