Losing Body Fat Can Make Your Face More Attractive

When people lose large amounts of weight, often their entire face looks different. Body fat changes the whole shape and look of your face, taking away definition in the jaw and cheekbones in particular. Heavier people often have pudgy necks. Look at your average supermodel-nice long, lean necks make their faces more beautiful.

Your Face Can Reveal Your Body Fat Level

It’s not hard to tell if someone is at a low body fat, just look at their face. It’s not the lean arms or legs that give it away-you can still have fat and flabby abs. People who are in great shape just never have fat faces for some reason. If you are heavy and getting lean, it’s your face that people will probably notice changes in first, because you will be more attractive.

A Lean Face is Considered More Handsome

Most women really prefer that strong, masculine jaw line and defined chin. You know the look, “GQ Style.” Just look through any magazine, you’ll see that models like Tyson and Antonio Sabato Jr. have exactly this look. Check out the hottest Hollywood stars–Matt Damon, Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom-these guys are sex symbols! A man is less attractive with softer, more feminine features

Lose Body Fat, Get the Ladies – Just Like Jared Leto Does

Jared Leto doesn’t have to be a big, muscular guy to get the ladies. In fact, he just wouldn’t look right at all if he had another 30 pounds or so of bulky muscle. Most women actually find him more attractive than the super-cut Mr. Olympia bodybuilders. His lean look that’s right for his body size and looks healthy and natural is what gets him noticed.

Men and Women Both Look Better With Lean Faces

In my opinion, a woman can be too lean. Some women, particularly those in fitness competitions for example, can become too lean, making their face a bit angular and harsh. A healthy level of body fat (think Jessica Biel of Megan Fox) gives a woman’s face soft feminine features, while still being lean. That’s a look a lot of guys love!

Good News For Anyone Trying To Lose a Lot of Weight

Go ahead, do the work and lose the weight. You’ll be so glad you did. For sure, you have a more beautiful face hidden under your excess body fat. So, losing weight will not only leave your body healthier and more attractive, your face will look sexier as well. If you need further convincing, look at before and after pics of Charlize Theron and Jared Leto. Two people that got dramatically different faces when they lost a lot of weight-different meaning better. Even if you only have a small amount to lose, your face will look leaner and more attractive without the body fat. Wait and see how many compliments you receive.

Stay Lean to Avoid Double Chins

Nobody, I repeat, nobody wants a double chin. Staying lean for your entire life is one way to minimize the risk that you’ll get the dreaded double chin. Gravity can’t pull down any fat if it’s not there in the first place. Your youthful good looks will last a whole lot longer without excess fat on your face.

Leaner is Better When It Comes to Good Looks

The newest fashions and latest cars will do you no good if your face is not attractive. Leaner people look better in the hottest European and Hollywood fashions, it’s a simple fact. A man with a pudgy face just doesn’t look as good with hip, messy hair. Same thing goes for bald guys-unless you have a nice, lean face, it just doesn’t look right. This is not really just my opinion, ask anyone. So go ahead, get the expensive car to be cool, but get lean first.

Summary: In summary, getting a leaner body won’t just make your body look better naked, your face will look better, too!