Love and Homeopathy

To theorize about the abstract idea of love, which transforms into the action of loving is not the purpose of this article. Instead, what I intend to do is introduce some homeopathic remedies that act in the sphere of that beautiful feeling that is not only the remedy to all problems, but is also the cause. It´s mere existence in the life of any person may result in difficulties that affect their emotional well-being.

Aurum Sulphuratum: Disappointment in love by those who expect a great deal of themselves and of the others. They feel let down by their partner and have injured pride. They are usually critical people who are annoyed when things don´t go their way. This is an ideal remedy for those who leave a lover.

Cinnabaris: A distrustful partner in a rocky relationship. They act as tyrants to retain love. They do not dare show their deep feelings. For the man who would say, “If you touch my wife, I´ll kill you.”

Antimonium Tartaricum: The smallest comment offends them. They are usually disagreeable. They perceive errors of the others and respond with sarcasm. They avoid contact and find it difficult to ask for help.

Cadmium Sulphuratum: Feels importance in regards to the behavior of their partner. They are evil or cruel with their partner, whom they can debilitate. The kind of person whose love is false and has dramatic relationships. He struggles to abandon love and not get carried away. This is an effective remedy for those experiencing the loss of a loved one, divorce, wounded pride, and accusations. There is a tendency for insults accompanied by sadness.

Baryta Sulphuricum: They imagine that their partner laughs at them. They do not feel capable of an authentic relation nor of having a responsible attitude. They choose a weak partner so they don´t get overwhelmed by them. They fear losing their partner or the relationship and they do not force anything but, instead, get angry inside. They hide their feelings out of fear that they will be laughed at. They are not considered to be attractive.

Sulphuricum Acidum: They exhaust all possibilities and abandon the relationship because they see no future in it. They alternate between seriousness and horseplay. They go from depression to euphoria. The kind of person who is hurried and clumsy. They exhaust themselves with utopias. Mean pranks.

Kalium Carbonicum: Ideal for the person who suppresses their feelings. Fear of being alone and has the desire for company. They are very possessive.

Titanium: Insecure when starting a serious relationship. Fear of not being able to handle the relationship. The type of person that has little enthusiasm in relationships. They always have to bring joy to the relationship.

Magnesium Phosphoricum: They do not show their feelings. They pressure themselves but don’t want to put pressure on others. They would like to show their feelings but they fear being a burden. Often, they are children of an authoritarian father and an obliging mother. They don’t want to ask for help.

Niccolum Sulphuricum: Very content in love. Be careful: they get carried away, they lose their head. They look for a solid foundation before they start a relationship. They are jealous. They feel suppressed in the relationship. Often, they find it hard to admit their feelings of love and passion. They find loving, amorous conversations trivial. For them, getting angry or depressed doesn’t make sense. Anger creates confrontation.

Manganum sulphuricum: They feel as if they are learning about love. If you give too much slack, the relationship can slip through your hands. Their partner may have started another relationship.

Chromium Sulphate: They want to be loved but dare not ask. They are troubled by love. They hide selfishness under a facade of sweetness and harmony. Fear of losing love if they admit that there was deception. They feel shame from committing adultery. It scares them to be dependent on their partner.

Ferrum Sulphuricum: The partner must meet certain requirements and must be the way they want them to be. They put pressure on their partner to commit more; meanwhile their partner wears out from continuous pressures. They have a great desire to share their emotions while their partner may not feel motivated to do so.

Ammonium Sulphate: They feel resentment, bitterness, disappointment and that their partner does not give them enough love. They see their partner giving them the cold shoulder and they do the same in return. They become irritable and resentful and therefore end up alone. They may have chosen a reserved partner to not have to demonstrate their need for love.

Calcarea Sulphurica: They want praise about their appearance or beauty. They have the idea that they are the most beautiful and lovely. They think that they are not attractive and feel insecure if they have acne. They are sweet, friendly, cheerful, and flirtatious. Their hidden jealousy leads them to bitterness, distance and aggressiveness that sometimes manifests in a cynical way.

Magnesia Sulphurica: Fear of getting angry for fear of losing love. They hide their irritation. They feel they must be in a position to control their partner. They become irritated by any petty things. They are one to say, “Don´t bring me flowers”. Great need for love and warmth.

Kalium Sulphuricum: They want company, warmth and affection. They must treat their partner well. There are never ulterior motives. They bring joy and happiness to others. They expect you to take care of them. They are one to say, “We cannot continue like this.”

Natrum Sulphuricum: Emotionally, they are alone. They feel separated from their family and their partner. They feel bound by obligation. They put their partner first, they themselves don´t matter. They feel that others undress them with their eyes. They are attached to the past. The lack of love leads to lack of joy.

Bromium: Loss of self-control due to sex. They have strong passion. Fear of causing harm and feel guilty if they do.

Germanium: They theorize adamantly and have no faith in the love. They are withdrawn because of disappointment in love. Betrayed by their partner, they feel offended and jealous. They speak badly about their partner to others. For them, love isn´t worth the trouble. Maintains distance and avoids conflict.

Niccolum Sulphuricum: They are the pinnacle of perfection. They avoid conflicts using jokes, but in the end they don’t feel in control of their life. They feel as if they shouldn´t be jealous, in a bad mood, get angry, or be interested in sex. They like admitting their feelings of love and passion although they would prefer not to fall in love. They look for a solid foundation before initiating a relationship. They have chosen a suppressed partner that doesn’t know what to do with their emotions or sex. They are in control of themselves and do not tolerate outbursts or intense emotions.