Love Handle Workouts – Planks – Extensions and the High-Octane Cross

Welcome to part 3 of my 3-part article on one of my favorite workouts for love handles – the Plank.

There are a lot of love handle exercises and they all have benefits, but planks are some of my favorite – We do them during commercials and challenge each other for longest time.

Planks – High-Octane Cross. Ok, so you've got the basic planks working well (see the first 2 parts of this series of articles) and you want to step it up a notch.

Hold yourself in a full push-up position and quickly drive your right knee forward and then toward your left elbow, and return to the floor.

Then, do the same with your left knee and continue to alternate legs at a rapid pace to get a good cardio workout too. Think of your legs like pistons in your car – keep pumping them!

Planks – Extensions. Still got some fire in your belly and you really want to burn love handles away? Then you've got do this. Assume a fully extended push-up position. Beginning with your right hand, raise it quickly above your head and then return it to the floor. Yes, your twitcher muscles will be firing like crazy to keep you from falling over. Next do the same with the left arm and continue alternating.

Tip – in the beginning it may be necessary for you to spread your legs to help with your balance.

Remember, with all plank-type love handle exercises, proper technique is vital . You must hold your core steady and strong. If you allow yourself a lot of movement in your torso, you are wasting your time and may injure yourself. Do it right or do not do it at all. Technique is everything.