Love Making Positions to Last Longer in Sex

# 1. Lusty Lap Dance : In this position, you sit near the edge of bed, with your feet resting on the floor. She sits on your thighs and wraps her legs around your waist. Next, have her to draw your member into her body and move her hips along your penile shaft. This position reduces your penile sensitivity and performance anxiety. As a result, it gives you better ejaculatory control and allows you to last longer in sex.

# 2. Mission on a table : the regular missionary position requires efforts and energy from men to maintain the alignment and stability. Thus, it is not a preferred position for those who want to party while night. Instead, try this modified version: have her to lie on the kitchen table with her buttock near the edge. You stand between her legs and go into her body from front. With leverage from the table, it allows you to focus on arousal level to delay ejaculation. To further enhance the sensation, drape her legs on your shoulder. As well, you can lean forward to rub her clitoris with your pubic bones.

# 3. Lusty Spoon : In this position, both partners lie side by side with her back facing you. Then, you slowly enter from behind anal or vaginal. Penetration is not deep, but it allows your penis to stimulate the vaginal wall erotically. To supercharge sensation and pleasure, lift up one of her leg to allow deaf penetration.

Extra tip: all positions described above are terrific pose to lasting longer in bed. However, do not just stick to one position. Instead, rotate between different positions to make sex more exciting and pleasurable.