Low Price and High Efficiency

The trusted name in heat pump has been around since the year 1904. The Bryant heat pumps combine state of the art manufacturing technology and the legacy from the past. After their established name, they continue to field test their equipments and innovate more to meet the changing needs of the people. Thee series provide many years of comfort at the lowest possible cost of operation. The heat pump prices range from $ 1500 and above depending on the model.

There are three famous models – the Evolution series, Preferred series and the Legacy series. The Evolution line gives the very best efficiency with as much as an 18 rating for the SEER and a 9.0 HSPF rating. The latest technology utilizes the Puron refrigerant and so it is rated with an energy star. There are also the 2-stage scroll compressor and the 2-stage reciprocating compressor. It also boasts of the Aero Quiet System II which has a decibel level of 72. The second line is the Preferred series. The ratings speak for the maximum functionality with 15 as the SEER rating, 8.5 as the HSPF and 11.54 in the EER rating. They also have the scroll compressor and the Aero Quiet System II technologies. The Preferred Compact model 538B is especially crafted for small spaced homes. Despite the small size, it has high performance ratings. The SEER is 15.5, the HSPF is 9.0 and the EER is 12.5. The system also works very quietly for as low as 66 decibels. The last famous line is the Legacy series. They use the Puron refrigerant, scroll compressor and a system the works quietly for 76 decibels. The ratings are also impressive: 15 for SEER, 8.5 for HSPF and 11.5 for EER. All these models have 10 year warranty on the machine and 5 year warranty on the parts.

The numbers strictly stand for the superior quality in terms of providing heat and cold whatever the environmental climate calls for. Despite the above average performance, they are noticeably cheap, considering the low operational costs expected in the future. There are a lot of service shops and dealers around the country and the world to ensure accessibility by all consumers. Indeed, Bryant pieces are a perfect mix of low heat pump prices and high performance.