Lula Elevators For Convenience in Commercial Buildings

Installing LULA elevators for convenience in commercial buildings is a mandatory requirement according to the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). The Act states that no individual, on account of his disability, should be discriminated or be able to enjoy the benefits experienced by other able individuals. LULA elevators enable individuals with disabilities to move around independently in commercial buildings such as hospitals, department stores, schools, hospitals, churches, lodges, and other places.

Cost-effective Elevators with Useful Features

LULA elevators are cost-effective as their main application is utility. Most LULA elevators are easy to install, requiring less space and pit area. They have plenty of space to accommodate wheelchairs. Automatic power sliding doors further add to the convenience as do the host of safety features such as:

• Emergency light and alarm
• Handrails
• Electromechanical interlocks that keep the elevator from moving when its doors are open
• Emergency battery powered descent during a power failure

Safety is guaranteed as LULA elevators in commercial buildings are required to maintain the safety standards set by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

Safety and Convenience Ensured

The Evolution from National Wheel O Vator, a ThyssenKrupp Company, offers a host of safety features as well as optional equipment including ADA phone, fire service, wood and stainless steel interiors and suspended ceiling with translucent panels. Orion's LULA elevators feature power doors, plastic laminate cab panels, car top inspection station, illuminated call buttons, emergency battery backup for descent and cab lighting, emergency alarm, overspeed governor, instantaneous safety device, remote control locking option, and more.

With LULA elevators installed for convenience in commercial buildings the disabled can carry on with their life and work normally like other citizens. Installing these elevators is a positive step to take for any commercial establishment, and one that also plays a part in ensuring its legal compliance with the ADA.