Luxury Gifts for Couples Celebrating Significant Wedding Anniversaries

Celebrating a wedding anniversary allows a couple to reaffirm their commitment, love, and devotion to one another. To mark such a joyous event, guests can give luxury gifts with materials that symbolize the value of the commitment they've made to each other.

The practice of giving wedding gifts on anniversaries dates back to the Middle Ages, but the significance of particular anniversaries is a tradition that only came into fashion during the Victorian Era. Traditionally, there were only eight significant wedding anniversaries celebrated, though more have been introduced through the years. Each anniversary has its own corresponding material, and the value of the material increases with every year.

It is considered appropriate and a symbol of good luck to give the couple gifts in the material corresponding to their anniversary. For this, home décor is a popular choice. Many artisanal brands now produce items of fine quality and durability, providing that luxury gifts need not be purely ornamental.

Convenience and a more diverse selection of pieces available have also made purchasing designer gifts online more popular. Guests looking for something suitable for couples celebrating their anniversary can now choose from a broader range of products.

Gifts for home use are particularly appropriate for some of the major anniversaries, such as:

15th (Crystal): Crystal can be both fragile and dazzling. A set of fine stemware, such as champagne flutes or wine glasses, can emphasize this perfectly. Alternately, a Swarovski-studded container can also show off the brilliance of a well-faceted crystal.

20th (China): China was valued as something rare and precious, because the technique of producing it was largely unknown in the West. Although it no longer is as rare, the idea of ​​china as a symbol of refinement still remains today. While dinnerware sets of fine bone china will never go out of style, guests today may also give other fine porcelain dinnerware sets in artful designs.

25th (Silver): Silver symbolizes opulence, brilliance, and enduring strength. A set of quality silverware can find use in any home. Alternately, you can also look into luxurious glassware and home décor with silver accents as an elegant gift for a couple celebrating their silver anniversary.

50th (Gold): Although more malleable than many other metals, the value of gold is one that endures through the years. Gilt frames, gold-plated table accessories, and gold-edged plates are subtle, tasteful ways to capture the significance of the occasion.

The different materials associated with wedding anniversaries seek to capture the idea of ​​marriage as something that can withstand the test of time. Choosing the appropriate gift for the occasion is a way to recognize the significance of that commitment.