Luxury Hotel Spa Or Resort Spa – What Are the Differences & Benefits?

However, a luxury hotel spa is favored by a select group where the sole emphasis is on wellbeing and personal relaxation. In essence spa enthusiasts adore the experience a luxury hotel spa delivers.

I have listed the differences between the two, hope you find them interesting.

Go to a luxury hotel spa if you want:

  • Lavish surroundings where the design and layout of the spa environment is purely focused on healthy living, relaxation, energy building and getting inspired
  • An adult environment – leave the kids at home!
  • A relaxing atmosphere that has a sense of camaraderie that is easy to get to know new people.
  • An abundance of relaxation programs that might include walks, meditation, lectures on health improvements and exercise classes
  • An excellent selection of healthy organic foods
  • Package pricing that could include hotel room, set meals, lectures and of course spa treatments

When booking spa treatments, make sure to request a male or female therapist if there is a preference. Feel free to ask questions during the treatment or let the therapist know of any concerns or requests.

Go to a resort spa if you want:

  • Spa treatments as part of your weekend break experience
  • To spend time with your family, whilst escaping for a bit of 'me time'
  • Spend just one day or only a few hours (some destination spas have minimum stay requirements)
  • Extra amenities like golfing, fishing or lots of hiking paths
  • Simply just to unwind instead of getting involved in classes or lectures

Whichever you type you decide upon – luxury hotel spa or spa resort – it is strongly recommended to book all your spa procedures when you make your reservation. Make sure that the spa hotel you want to visit has enough spa treatment rooms to keep up with demand. Anyway, it is safer to book luxury hotel spa treatments in advance than to wait until you actually get there.