Luxury Karndean Flooring at Low Prices

Karndean Flooring is a UK company that specializes in the manufacture of luxury vinyl flooring. This flooring is extremely durable and is made from customized vinyl. If you want the look of hardwood in your home, without the high price tag and the hours of work in installation, then you should really take a look at this flooring.

The vinyl flooring comes in many styles and as full sheets of vinyl or as tiles. You can have the look of American oak with special borders around the edges of the room. The surface of the tile is textured and easy to install because the tiles have adhesive backing, which will stick to any surface. Some of the other designs you can choose in the Knight Tile brand include:
– Artic Driftwood
– Bray Oak
– Caribbean Driftwood
– Beech
– Aurora
There is such a wide variety that you really do have to see them for yourself.

There are different brand names of choose from when you choose vinyl flooring from Karndean. Arranged from cheapest to most expensive these brands are:
– Knight Tile
– Van Gogh
– Da Vinci
– Renoir
– Michelangelo
– Art / Select

As you can see the names are those of famous painters signifying that when you have a Karndean floor, you have a work of art. Each of these offers a wide array in colors and wood styles, even though the flooring is vinyl. Visitors to your home will really think you have wood flooring and will likely ask where you bought the planks.