Luxury Outdoor Chandeliers and Outdoor Candle Chandeliers – The Two Extremes

Dream of lovely evenings, spacious sunsets, and quiet areas … Then an outdoor chandelier would fit right in. Chandeliers can come in the simple to the extravagant. Large, expensive, and intricately made, luxurious hanging lights of this vintage are perfect for some outside spaces. A six to ten light model is suitable for lighting a larger area. Smaller areas would be better suited for the two or three light selections.

For a less formal, more intimate setting, an outdoor candle chandelier would please many. Candles produce soft, delicate light. The dance flames add to the whimsical, almost fairy tale qualities of a romantic evening. Some only weighing a mere eight pounds can even be suspended from a lattice covered area. With no wiring to worry about, these lights are indeed unique.

Luxury outdoor chandeliers can weigh seventy five pounds or more. The electrician has lots of fun hanging them and their even heftier cousins. But well worth the effort, company and guests will be impressed. Lighting is a very important feature design. Without it, one would not have their interior or exterior design illuminated for anyone to even view. Higher end outdoor chandeliers can price anywhere from a few hundred dollars to five thousand and more. Things such as intricate metal work can make the price increase dramatically.

Outdoor candle chandeliers serve a totally different purpose than the luxury ones. Although much less expensive, the price tag far from explains the enjoyment earned from them. A six candle chandelier is fairly common. This size casts a nice even glow across a small area. Also having it suspended keeps the flames from coming into contact with napkins and other flammable table items. Some caution should be paid that the candles are not left burning unattended. Also they should be extinguished if the people enjoying them are getting tired. A quick nap could result in an unplanned fire.

Outdoor chandeliers are of every type and style. Candles to luxury outdoor chandeliers are just a few in the rainbow of options. Lighting outside spaces increases relaxation time. It also provides a perfect escape for that warm evening with someone you care about.