Lymphedema Products Used in Treatment

A combination of various forms of therapy is used to treat lymphedema; using lymphedema products such as compression garments, bandaging, manual lymph drainage, exercise and skin care are some of the therapies that may be followed. Various lymphedema products need to be utilized so that the treatment is effective. These include compression bandages and garments, special footwear, accessories like fasteners, hooks and donning aids, compression devices, foams and padding, pneumatic pumps, etc. Manual lymph drainage and bandaging the affected limb is the first step in the process of lymphedema treatment.

An important part of the lymphedema treatment is the ustilization of compression garments. Compression garments need to be worn by the patient at all times. They can be purchased over the counter or you could have them tailor-made for you. Lymphedema products for the upper body include compression sleeves, gloves, bras and gauntlets. Garments for the lower body include compression stockings, knee-high or thigh-high stockings, compression devices and compression pantyhose. Patients must consult their doctors before purchasing a compression garment so that its suitability to the patient’s condition can be assessed. Compression garments should also be periodically replaced since they lose their effectiveness after some time.

Bandaging is an essential part of lymphedema therapy. Compression bandages provide the resistance required for the muscle tissues to absorb the fluids thus preventing the retention of fluid and swelling. During exercise sessions and even during daily activities, it is essential to bandage the affected limb to encourage the lymph flow. Short stretch bandages are preferred as they provide the tension necessary to induce the pumping action on the lymph vessels. Tubular stockinettes, tapes, adhesive bandages, finger and toe bandages are some of the lymphedema products that are used according to the suitability for the patient.

The lymphedema pump is another lymphedema product that is important in the treatment process. Two kinds of pumps are used: the Sequential Gradient Pump and FlexiTouch Pump. The pumps are highly advantageous for those people who do not have an easy access to a therapist to perform the decongestive therapy for them. The pump can be purchased or it could even be rented from a supply store. Another aspect of the treatment that the patient must follow is skin care. Various skin creams, oils and ointments can be used so that the skin may be kept moisturized and lubricated.

In the present internet age of online shopping, it is very convenient for patients to procure specific lymphedema products that may be required. Some of the online stores have qualified therapists who help the patient with the selection of the products. New products are available in the market so many lymphemema patients are using these to take care of swelling and tissue fibrosis. For example, a special Elastic Therapeutic Tape is now being used by therapists to soften edemas. Other lymphedema products like special footwear, donning or doffing aids and bandage rollers try to ease the life of a lymphedema patient.