Mahogany Hardwood Flooring – Pros and Cons

In times past, before this wood was used for flooring, it was used especially to make canoes in Central and South American, and the Caribbean region. It has also been used to make boats, yachts, furniture, musical instruments, and doors. It is now a popular hardwood flooring. Mahogany wood is known for its longevity and hardness. The reddish brown color of mahogany hardwood flooring radiates warmth and can work with any style or type of furniture. Using this type of hardwood flooring can create a rustic or classic look for your home.

Pros of using mahogany hardwood flooring

• It is harder than any other hardwoods like pine or oak. For example this flooring is approximately twenty-eight percent more stable and seventy percent stronger than oak. It is resistant to scratches and water because it has no pockets or groves in the wood along with the hardness.

• The planks of mahogany flooring are normally cut from quartered logs. This helps to ensure their durability. There is less chance of these planks bending because of heat due to its strength.

• There is a uniform texture of grains, which in turn makes the flooring have beautiful patterns that goes with every furniture type.

• It absorbs sunlight so it does not easily fade

• The flooring has many color variations that range from orange to dark brown. The tint that is most constant is the one that is reddish brown in color. With this wide range of color it gives the homeowner different combinations of furniture and flooring to choose from.

Cons of using mahogany hardwood flooring

• Because of its harshness it can be difficult to sand, shape, and cut, affecting the workability of the wood. When using mahogany wood for a new floor installation it is advisable to have a profession hardwood flooring company cut and install your floor. It will be faster and the installation will be tidier.

• Although mahogany flooring absorbs sunlight, over time the wood will become darker and have a richer looking color. It is a good idea to get mahogany flooring in a light color, which over time will turn darker.

• Being a dark colored wood, it will show more pet hair, paw prints, dust, and other debris easier so you will need to sweep or dust mop it at least every day.

• In comparing mahogany flooring with other hardwood flooring it is more expensive. The cost can be approximately thirty dollars per foot for each board due to the rarity of the wood and its durability.