Maintain Your Unit With Holmes Humidifier Parts

It is important to keep up maintenance on your humidifier to insure it is most efficient use and not harmful to your family. Clogged humidifiers can send damaging particles into the air causing lung infections and serious health conditions.

Holmes humidifier parts are one way to upkeep your unit, some of their products may be used on warm mist or cool mist humidifiers. An important problem to avoid in cool mist humidifiers is the growth of bacteria in the tank. The bacteria can cause severe health problems. One solution is using a Holmes humidifier part, Holmes' Bacteriostat Solution. This liquid solution controls bacteria and algae growth in cool mist humidifier's tanks and wick filters. It should be used only with evaporative models.

In steam humidifiers you may find a lot of lime and scale build up. To avoid these build-ups try using Holmes humidifier part, Holmes' Water Treatment Solution. This product extends the life of your humidifier and warm mist heat systems. It makes cleaning easier because it reduces mineral build up. When you use this product you are less likely to have lime and scale build up inside your tank or heating element.

Another Holmes humidifier part that can be used in any warm mist or cool mist humidifier is the Cleanse Clean Solution. This solution is a basic cleaner to remove all mineral deposits from the tank. It does not even fight bacterial growth.

Cleansers and solutions are not the only maintenance necessary for humidifiers. Make sure you change or clean wicks on warm mist humidifiers. If these become clogged and dirty, that is when you have a potential health risk. If the wick and filter are dirty they are not filtering out the harmful materials in the air. Holmes humidifier parts offer various sizes and models for humidifiers of all kinds.

Another important Holmes humidifier part for your home is a hygrometer. Hygrometers measure the amount of moisture in the air. Too much or too little moisture will cause problems like dry skin, lingering viruses in the air and home damage. These small devices tell you what level, in percentage, of moisture is in the air. Hygrometers vary from inexpensive to moderately expensive, depending on if they are digital or not.

Holmes humidifier parts are available at department and hardware stores. Be sure to regularly check all these aspects to keep your unit running longer than guaranteed.