Maintenance: An Essential Value

Maintenance is a simple word with so many implications for all areas of life. Investments are made in tools, vehicles, homes and even relationships, and appropriate maintenance is needed to preserve those investments. The basic meaning of maintenance is the work involved in keeping something in proper condition. As people work to make their life more fulfilling, it is essential to maintain the items they have already invested in.

People collect all sorts of items that are considered “valuables”. While there are many different types of valuables that people collect, the varieties of maintenance needed for the upkeep of those valuables is just as extensive. It is important to have the correct tools, supplies and the know-how to perform regular maintenance on things like jewelry, tableware or other collectibles. It is essential to do this regularly to prevent damage and ensure that the value to remains high, both monetarily and sentimentally. A specific example of this is a ring. If buildup accumulates it can not only lessen the sparkle, but it could also loosen a stone or two. If the ring is bumped, a stone could easily be lost for good. It is also important to use a jewelry cleaner and not something that would damage the sheen of the ring.

Everyday items also require maintenance so they are ready to be used at a moments notice. This could be a kitchen item, hygiene item of even a power tool. An example of this could be an air compressor, which is used for a variety of things around the home. If the air oil separator or the air compressor filter needs to be fixed or changed, the air supply may not come out consistently or could stop all together. If the air oil separator is simply malfunctioning, it could allow oil in the air stream and ruin a project such as a sanding or painting job. When regular maintenance such as changing the air compressor filter is done, a homeowner can ensure the air compressor will work when that perfect Saturday arrives for a project around the home.

Different types of relationships also require regular maintenance. While it takes a large investment to build a relationship from the beginning, it is not as if the relationship building is a one time investment. Whether the relationship is with family member, a significant other or even with a business contact, it is essential for people to take those relationships seriously and invest the time it takes to make them feel valued. A specific example of continued investment through maintenance in a relationship is in a business contact that may drift away if the relationship is neglected. Perhaps the business contact regularly purchases an item from a specific salesman. If the salesman only makes contact when it is time for a purchase and not before, the consumer may find a new business to purchase from, which is a sale lost for the salesman.

Maintenance of belongings or relationships takes organization, time and commitment. The investments that a person makes can be protected and enjoyed far in the future if the proper maintenance takes place. There are many values that are essential for success, however, maintenance is something that transcends all areas of life.