Maintenance and Cleaning Tips for Copper Kitchen Hood Vents

Buying a copper kitchen hood vent can add such an amazing visual appeal in your kitchen area. Many people are under the impression that buying copper items in a hot and steamy kitchen area is a recipe for disaster, but the truth is that this is a strong, durable and beautiful material that will provide you with years of use and enjoyment.

Another myth about copper kitchen hood vents is that they are difficult to clean and maintain. In fact, they are probably easier than many of the other materials on the market today and with a long life span, you can keep them looking beautiful with just a few minutes of work.

To clean your copper kitchen hood vents you will need a few items, you will want to have two cloths and a bottle of copper cleaner, if your hood isn’t lacquered. Speak to your supplier to identify what copper cleaner they recommend, this way you are assured that you are taking the best care of the hood, ensuring it will last for many years to come.

Remember over time your copper kitchen hood vents are going to start to change color, this is part of their charm and what makes them unique. With a little bit of elbow grease, you can have them gleaming and ready to show off to family and friends.

Wet one of the cloths and wring it out, you want it damp, not dripping with water. Wipe over the hood to remove any dust and dirt. Removing the dust and dirt only makes it easier when it comes to really cleaning and polishing it up to look as good as new.

The next step is to take the copper cleaner and follow the instructions to the letter. The instructions will be determined by the type of cleaner you have purchased. In most instances you will be able to wipe this over the hood. Some of them turn into a paste, others will change color as they dry.

Rub the copper cleaner all around the copper kitchen hood vents and then allow them to sit for a while. Ideally you want to leave the cleaner a good few minutes, giving it time to get to work. The bottle you have purchased will give you some estimated times, which can be anything from five minutes.

From here you will want to take a clean lint free cloth and gently wipe away all the cleaner. Ensure you cover the entire area, removing all the dust, dirt and grease from the copper kitchen hood vents. With the vents cleaned, you can now polish the hood to leave it gleaming and looking spectacular, making that great impression in your kitchen.

Ensure you clean the copper kitchen hood vents on a regular basis. Cleaning them regularly doesn’t only making cleaning a quick and effective process, but it also ensures the life span of the item. You have probably bought these hood vents because of their visual appeal; not looking after them effectively can result in them becoming damaged and needing to be replaced sooner than anticipated.

Finally, ensure you have the copper kitchen hood vents serviced and maintained on a regular basis. It’s a good idea to speak to your supplier and identify who they recommend to service your hood to ensure it works perfectly at all times.

Maintaining the hood at regular intervals can reduce the risk of the item breaking down when you least expect it. Maintenance will ensure the item is working properly and that there are no immediate problems that need to be dealt with.