Make A Camping Tent Serve Longer

Sleeping bags are standard on campers. Almost no camper would leave without a tent.

Tents are movable shelters that are small enough to be folded, rolled up and carried by a person. The tents are made of a material of similar material, that is packed or attached to a post frame. Modern stores have durable waterproof fabrics and foldable aluminum bars.

Tents vary in size. There are those old enough to sleep, somebody. Others are quite long and can sleep a whole family. Modern tents can be started within five to ten minutes.

Although the tents are robust, durable and resistant to weather conditions, they are maintenance-free. The tents remain as long as their owners take care of them. The quality of the tents is important; A tent is usually the only thing that stands between a camper and survival.

Here are some tips for taking care of tents.

1) Tents must be watertight. Most tent manufacturers claim that their tents are waterproof and that all seams and joints are sealed. It is better to close them twice for safety reasons. Professionals in outdoor activities recommend contacting the manufacturer and using the sealant that seals the seams.

2) Bring extra coins for camping. Bring extra zippers, tape, fabrics and other materials for on-site repairs. Keep in mind that the longer it takes to repair the damage, the greater the damage.

3) Practice assembling the tent. When you train to install your tent, you are less likely to tear, bend or break parts of the store. You can also quickly set up a tent.

4) Apply the correct states and use them. The posts help to secure the tent on the ground. If you camp in good weather and on solid ground, regular betting is suitable. If you lay soft ground or if there is wind, stronger bets are required. Make sure that you apply the correct tension to the inserts.

5) Avoid placing tents in direct sunlight. Although tents are offered for any climate conditions, they are damaged by direct sunlight. Ultraviolet light from direct sunlight weakens and deteriorates the tissue of stores. That is why it is best to install tents in the shade.

6) Use the floor covering. Before placing a tent, it is recommended to place a tarpaulin on the floor where the tent rests. This protects the bottom of the camping tent against dirt, stones, twigs and other objects that can tear the bottom of the store. It also helps to keep the water on the floor outside the store.

7) Ventilate the tent in the right way. Moisture can accumulate in a tent. Opening a window or fin prevents the interior of the store from condensing.

8) Clean and dry the tent completely after each use. This extends the life of the store.

Do not forget that tents are like a good wine; With the right attention, they improve with age.

Before you start your fabulous family camping holiday, set up your tent! Make sure all cable lines are intact and have enough stakes to install your tent. Clean the inside and outside of your store according to the manufacturer’s instructions before repacking. You will be grateful when you arrive at the campsite!